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America's Leader in Helical Piling

Helical Pier Systems is the Nations' leader in the design, manufacture and installation of helical piles.  Based in Houston Texas, Helical Pier Systems has decades of experience in helical piling which can be used for many different foundation types. Helical Pier Systems offers the highest level of safety, quality and service in ensuring your foundation project is completed beyond your expectations. Helical piles have proven to be the safest, quickest, most environmentally friendly and least costly way to complete a foundation project. Helical Pier Systems has a solution for your foundation needs that will work to your complete satisfaction.

Pile Installation

Helical Piling

Helical Pier Systems leads the way in the design, manufacture and installation of helical piles.  Across the US and for a variety of applications helical piles are the safest, quickest and most cost effective way to complete your foundation.  Here are but a few of the applications we have used helical piles for recently.


Load Testing

Full-scale load testing is a key in confirming design parameters and allows for optimization of deep foundations. The foundation design process is complex with various degrees of uncertainties. While closed form design solutions incorporate safety factors in order to mitigate the risk from excessive pile displacements, under the applied structure loading, it is actually full scale load testing that result in the most accurate method of determining pile load versus displacement behavior and to validate design assumptions. Conventional Static load testing of applying a load at pile head unitizing a large steel beam and reaction piles was the only method used for testing helical piles, until recently when the HPS’s in-house engineers incorporated ATSM bi-directional O-Cell®, Statnamic, and Dynamic Load testing for use in helical piles. HPS’s engineers have utilize all method of load testing as per ASTM standards, whereby eliminating uncertainty and optimizing the foundation design. As a result of load testing, significant cost savings have been realized and passed on to our client. HPS engineers are leading the industry in performance-based design through load testing, which has allowed helical piles to make significant inroads as the preferred foundation type in the deep foundation industry.     

Field Welding, cutting, tacking and welding caps


Helical Pier Systems offers a crew of surveyors ready to safely and accurately survey the foundation locations and elevations of our piles.  With state of the art equipment and years of experience Helical Pier Systems ensures you are not waiting on another subcontractor and your job is completed accurately and on time. Certain HPS surveyors are members of the National Society of Professional Surveyors.

Welding Truck

Field Welding

Helical Pier Systems offers its own Field Welding Units with American Welding Society certified welders. We come in quickly and install the piles to a perfectly surveyed location and then safely, quickly and with the highest quality weld on the cap or whatever will sit on top of the helical pile.


In all aspects of our business and operations, HPS constantly strives for the highest level of performance in regards to health, Safety and Environmental concerns.  This fundamental responsibility is a reflection of the core values that guide how we work in the field, at our customers’ sites, in our offices, our manufacturing facilities and our personal lives. HPS has a solid reputation for commitment to complying with regulatory and legislated requirements, and to protecting the safety and well-being of our employees, others involved in our operations, customers and the public. We lead, train, and equip employees to anticipate hazards and risks in order to avoid injuries and incidents.

We constantly target a zero incident culture and routinely conduct workplace reviews of our safety practices to attain this goal.  Senior Managers are actively engage in supporting a strong safety culture by establishing safety metric goals, conducting regular site safety visits, overseeing incident reviews, and facilitating safety program support. While our renowned innovation is core to our success, we strive to ensure that at the end of every day everyone goes home in the same or better health than when they came to work.


A comprehensive understanding of our customer’s needs and expectations are the key to HPS’ success. Quality begins and ends with the customer. HPS will ensure quality is delivered for every project with integrity and consistency to meet those goals by providing 100% self-inspection of all work performed with an ultimate goal of Zero rework. Understanding and utilizing implemented quality procedures and processes to maintain efficiency and quality standards is a core requirement of every project. HPS is committed to identifying our success and failures, by maintaining effective and fluid communication throughout all levels of the organization, with the ability to continually improve upon our failures and continue with our successes. HPS’ training and mentorship program enables the understanding of our overall goals and ambitions to create a highly skilled workforce while maintaining customer satisfaction.

All of HPS manufacturing facilities are certified by the Canadian welding Bureau to CSA Standard W47.1

HPS will not accept anything less than achieving industry excellence and total customer satisfaction through the execution of our Quality System.

AWSHelical Pier Systems is also a Sustaining Member of the American welding Society.


Being the largest helical pile company in North America and the industry leader, HPS provides an opportunity for growth and development – earn while you learn. HPS fosters an environment of collaboration and support for all team members. We have operations at various locations in Houston and several locations in Canada. HPS has a generous employee benefits program which consists of medical, dental, vision, educational and professional development programs, health & wellness subsidy and an employee assistance program. In addition, employees are rewarded for their hard work on a monthly basis by way of a Rewards Program. This could be your chance to make a difference….in our life…and yours!