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HPS Foundation Solutions aspires to be a trusted partner with our customers and other stakeholders by offering a broad base of complementary products and services for the multitude of foundation configurations in the construction industry across North America. A range of piling and pier solutions including helical, micro and driven, along with our engineering and design expertise form the base offering at HPS.  Together with our complementary services of surveying, geomatics, construction management, pre-drilling, field installations and welding, augmented by our structural steel manufacturing plants in Canada and the USA, our range of in-house technical expertise provides our customers with a solutions-oriented service provider they can trust as a partner in delivering a successful project. 

First and foremost, we look to collaborate internally and with our customers to choose the most effective solution for the foundation configuration and the geotechnical parameters of the project site. With great concern for the environment where our solutions are deployed, HPS employs safety best practices and quality standards, along with those of our customers, in all that we do.

Do you have a project that will challenge our team? Let our solutions-oriented, collaborative and highly responsive team apply their technical expertise to design the optimal solution with you.

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Helical Piling

Helical Piling

"Helical" describes the helix shape that forms an integral component of the pile itself. Often referred to as a "screw pile", this term gives a mental picture of how the pile is set in the ground. Some benefits of using this form of piling solution are it's faster to install, less disruptive to the other activities on a project site and leaves a smaller footprint at the project site.



Micropiles are deep foundation anchors, generally characterized by high strength, having a small diameter casing or threaded bar and utilized in bedrock formations. Also known as root piles, pin piles, needle piles or minipiles, micro-piling can be used to support most structures and the drill rigs are conducive to installations in restricted access areas, whether that be low headroom or on remote mountainsides.

Driven Piles

Driven Piles

A traditional style of piling, these foundation supports are installed using impact or vibration hammers. They are used to provide structural support and earth retention. Types of material common for this application are timber, pre-cast concrete, steel 'H'-piles, steel sheets and steel pipe. They are designed to resist compressive, uplift and lateral loads.

Design and Engineering

Engineering & Design

A successful project starts with the end goal in mind. Decades of experience provides an opportunity for our customers to partner with us in designing and engineering the optimum solution for the project. Our engineering leadership, coupled with our construction management experience will give our customers peace of mind that the valuable assets chosen to live on the foundations of a project will be safe and secure for the life of the project.

Surveying and Geomatics

A successful project requires thoughtful planning at each stage. To add to the value stream, HPS provides its own trained and qualified surveyors. Using relevant equipment, the capture of this baseline data adds to the desire of our team to provide an optimum solution to our customers.


Unexpected hard ground is encountered regularly. We deploy a fleet of drilling equipment as it is needed to keep the project moving forward, always with an eye on time, schedule and cost.

Construction Management

Deploying the right assets and people to the project is key to its success. Driven by the approved drawings and site plans, along with our engineering oversight, the team will execute the installation in a systematic and cost-effective way. More importantly, our expertise shines when unforeseen issues arise and we work through them collaboratively with the project owner.

Quality Testing and Analysis

Overseen by our engineering team, our quality control takes precedence in manufacturing of the pilings and piers and throughout the entire install process of the project. Analysis of pile dynamics is critical to ensure that the integrity of the system is intact during the construction. We offer this service during any project, anywhere.

Field Welding

This service is a natural extension of the work that we do. A team of certified welders are ready to ascend on the project to complete the designs and add additional capacity for all structural needs at the site.

Steel Manufacturing

The ability to ramp up and control the production schedule is why we manufacture. It optimizes the delivery time to the project. With plants in Canada and the USA, capacity is abundant.

Standards and best practices abound across most industry sectors. In all aspects of our business and operations, HPS constantly strives for the highest level of performance in regards to quality and safety, existing standards serve as a guidepost for us. We aim to marry our customer’s programs with our own and use effective tools to deliver a quality product and safe operations. We continuously promote a "zero-incident" culture in all our facilities and worksites.

A comprehensive understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations are the key to building the trust of our customers. HPS ensures quality is delivered for every project by providing 100% self-inspection of all work performed with an ultimate goal of zero rework. We subscribe to the oversight of certifying bodies and maintain our data and information through many safety organizations.


HPS fosters an environment of collaboration for all team members. We look for people who will support our vision to be a trusted partners with our customers and our stakeholders. We have operations at various locations in Western Canada and in Houston Texas USA. If hard work and a roll-up-your sleeves attitude defines your personal characteristics, then we should talk.


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